The group of companies FEST includes Russian enterprises dealing with industrial fishing in different regions of the world ocean and promoting their products under the brand names “Eurofish” and “Rybnoe menu”.

The progenitor of our companies as well as of a number of other fish industry enterprises of the North is Murmansk Trawl Fleet tracing its history since 1920.

The main production force of the fleet are fishing vessels: M-0003 "Aleksandr Mironenko", M-0009 "Vasiliy Lozovskiy", M-0010 "Kapitan Bogomolov", M-0254 "Korund", M-0269 "Strelets", MK-0411 "Taurus".

Their modernization and technical reequipment are claimed to be the ideology of the group of companies, as it is the constant improvement that forms the basis of effective and safe operation. There was carried out modernization of all large-capacity vessels of the type “Moonzund” in the 2000s. In 2013 the group of companies FEST built a new vessel MK-0411 “Taurus”. All fishing and processing experience of own fleet specialists was considered during her designing and building. Since 2018 the companies have been taking part in an investment program building two vessels of bottom fishing at the shipyard «PELLA» in Saint-Petersburg.

Our vessels are fitted out with modern equipment allowing to achieve processing progress and to produce high-quality and competitive products. Due to such an approach we are at an advantage in the eyes of our customers and partners.

Modern search equipment lets localize aggregation of fish for some kilometers far from a vessel, determine species composition and size range of fish,  that makes fishing more effective.

The technological production cycle from discharging fish from the trawl till its freezing is based on the analysis of the most effective world technologies and allows to get high-quality and most commercially successful product of sea shock-freezing within the shortest time period from lifting fish onboard.

Tanks for raw fish storing are equipped with sea water cooling systems, that allows to low the temperature of raw fish before freezing, to reduce freezing time and to improve quality of the frozen product. Sorting systems ensure sorting of fish according to species, size range and weight excluding manual work. It considerably increases efficiency, allows to make more product gradations.

Modern vertical and horizontal freezing plants with automatic charge and discharge low labor expenditures, provide quick freeze increasing efficiency and above all – product quality.

Automatic packing and labelling  systems reduce processing time ensuring thereby package security corresponding to up-to-date standards.

Tanks for storing of frozen product are equipped with temperature control system that ensures prompt correction of storage conditions, energy costs reduction, high quality and extended storage life.

Fleet vessels actively fish in the Barents and Norwegian Seas, in shore of the Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands, in the bank of Reykjanesskagi, in shore of Eastern Greenland and the Faroe Islands, Morocco, Mauritania and also in the international waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

The total catch of the vessels is more than 150 thousand tons of fish a year.

The main sorts of trade objects are cod, haddock, saithe, redfish, halibut, catfish, plaice, sardine, sardinella, horse mackerel, mackerel.

Cod, haddock and saithe fishery in the Barents sea by the group of companies FEST is certified to MSC (Marine Steward Council) Standard, ascertaining that this fishery is sustainable, traceable and responsible. Final consumers purchasing MSC certified products are sure that they are produced from cod and haddock caught without ecosystem damage, with conservation of marine resources for future generations.  

All goods are produced on board vessels directly in the fishing area, that allows to obtain the ensured result of high quality. Herewith the total production is more than 120 thousand tons of different frozen fish products of various processing kinds.

Besides frozen fish more than 1,5 million of cans of “Cod liver po-murmanski” are produced directly on board the vessels.

The raw material from fresh cod going to can production is rich in vitamins A, E, D, K and Omega-3 fats, which take part in metabolic process regulation in the organism, influence the immune system.

The range of products has been expanded; new types of packing for frozen products and can industry have been introduced.

Products of the companies are delivered to the domestic as well as to the foreign market. Thanks to their quality up to 70% of products are in demand on near and far abroad markets, 30% are sold in the inner market.

The group of companies has been actively taking part in exhibitions, every year it presents its products at domestic and international branch and regional exhibitions, such as: : «Seafood Expo Global» (Belgium, Brussels), «Seafood Expo Russia» (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), «China Fisheries & Seafood Expo» (Quingdao, China), «World Food Moscow» (Moscow), «Prodexpo» (Moscow), «Peterfood» (Saint-Petersburg), «Sea. Resources. Technologies» (Murmansk). The group of companies takes part in international branch exhibitions as a member of the joint stand of Russian fishermen.

Our products are multiply winners and laureates of regional national and international awards.

Cans “Cod liver po-murmansky” got a gold quality mark in the competition “Quality mark of the XXIth century” from the Murmansk region and are annual winners of the competition “100 of the best products of Russia”.

Cod and haddock fillet as well as cans “Cod liver po-murmansky” have obtained iTQi Superior Taste Award. The International Taste & Quality Institute grants this award according to the results of tasting by the best chefs and sommeliers from the 16 most prestigious European culinary and sommeliers associations.

We appreciate and respect our every partner and customer and believe that people bound by common big and important cause can always be useful not only for themselves, but for others too.

The group of companies FEST is your creditable partner.